Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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We are proud to do simple and good things “for you, for your most beautiful moments, those moments spent with those you love and with yourself" because you are the most important person.
For You and for Us.

Maria and I (Luigi Donnari and Maria Alzapiedi) have been dedicating our lives to the laboratory where we produce egg pasta, for years . A simple job, made of semolina, eggs and everyday gestures. Gestures with which, together with our Staff, we create a product that gives energy, well-being and pleasure to human beings: “La Pasta di Aldo”.

Luigi Donnari

a ritual more than a process...

Being artisans means studying the Masters, making attempts to reach your own concept of perfection and then testing a method.
In the pasta factory of La Pasta di Aldo there is avant-garde, but the processing stages reflect the ways of the authentic housewives of the Marches who, with rhythm and heart, transform the raw materials with precious mastery.

La Pasta di Aldo
Classic, Whole-wheat, Special and Chicche di Minestra

...everything that is said about us and our pasta

Discover Aldo through other eyes too: below is a review of articles, testimonials, specialized and non-specialized press articles, paper and online pieces, which have had the pleasure to meet and appreciate the flavor and taste of Aldo’s handmade egg pasta. The archive is constantly updated, and collects several quality news and information, set for quick consultation

Store - give yourself an unforgettable experience

The various shapes of La Pasta di Aldo arrive at your home enclosed in a special package, designed to protect the product during the shipment. The materials used, from the paper used for the single packages to the cardboard of the packs, have the color of semolina and eggs, are eco-friendly and suitable for reuse.

The Box, use me and reuse me...

Essential packaging that recalls the colors of semolina and eggs. To the touch it reproduces the feeling of porosity and craftsmanship of its content. The box is suitable for reuse and to be re-invented for household activities or hobbies.

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