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2012 Il Golosario by Paolo Massobrio – Guide to the good things of Italy

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Luigi Donnari is a small craftsman from the Marche region who in 2002, during a conference in Corridonia, timidly came towards me to let me taste his artisanal pasta. I was struck by it and that year I included La Pasta di Aldo among the products of my Golosario, a collection of the good things about Italy that I had begun to compile in 1994, after the dazzling meeting with Giorgio Onesti, at the end of the XNUMXs. Today his pasta stands out in the best taste boutiques (a term coined on these pages), but also in Vittorio Boano's workshop in Alessandria or Gino's in Barbarasco, to say the two enthusiasts who have been told by Donnari: "But really I will have the honor of having my pasta in your shop?”. And again, at the inauguration of Eat's in Milan, the patron wanted to pay homage to journalists with this product, which remains a symbol of what this book is. Yes, what is the Golosario? A collection of good things? No, it's much more, because it marks the passion of men and women, it tells the stories of a creative Italy that has always known how to overcome moments of crisis, even the toughest ones that are there for all to see.

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