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A painter, a warrior-bishop, a prestigious pasta maker – Il Gusto…

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Three things can be said about Monte San Giusto, a town in the Macerata area but of the Archdiocese of Fermo. The first: the stupendous Crucifixion by the painter Lorenzo Lotto; the second: the palace of bishop Nicolò Bonafede who commissioned the altarpiece. The third: La Pasta di Aldo, the famous pasta renowned in Europe.
We have revisited these three elements and what came out is the story below.

“Oh, who shows up! Mr. Lorenzo Lotto, it's really you! Nice to meet you again. I find her very well: she has a nice look and is also a little put on weight.”
Excellency, the pleasure is all mine. It's been a while since we've seen each other."
“Exactly: five centuries. But you know, up here we are so numerous that time flies between a greeting and a chat. However, I see that he continues to paint. He always paints from God.”
“SSSS. Don't say it so loud, he's not feeling well... but it's true, I continued my passion"
“Mr. Lotto knows that every now and then I move to the Adriatic and look down. It is not easy to trace Monte San Giusto. By now they have built so many of them that one does not understand well. But when I focus, I immediately look for my old building and then, slowly I move my eyes towards the square, and there you are: the bell tower of Santa Maria in Telusiano. In that church, maestro, you painted the most beautiful altarpiece.”
“What years, Mr. Bishop, what times! Rome looked at Raphael, Venice asked for Titian, and I, alone, without a home, without money, without powerful friends, wandered around Italy, sometimes even hungry. Then she…”
“Then, I called her, and told her to paint me a Crucifixion. Great, a great altarpiece for my church.”
“I remember very well, dear Bishop Nicolò Bonafede. She also asked me to include her family members in the scene: her son Cammillo, her nephew Fortunato, her brother Piermatteo, the women of the house, her captains Girolamo Brancadoro, Carlo di Offida, Nicolizzo da Santelpidio, her beloved Luchina Brunforte. And also her opponent Lodovico Euffreducci. ”
“Dear Lorenzo, up here we have no more opponents… Of course, however, the compensation was not insignificant: 100 florins, if I remember correctly, and a certain quantity of stuffed olives”
“I told him: I wasn't doing well. Besides, the work was long and difficult. I have only one regret left."
“A regret… again, and in this place?”
“You see, Your Excellency, many typical restaurants have opened right up here. And, before tasting all their goodness, it takes some time. A year ago, however, I discovered a small restaurant that offers pasta… and here we really need the adjective 'from God'. So I became a regular customer: lunch and dinner. I am very fond of it. And what did I find out about you the other day? That the pasta comes – you won't believe it – right from Monte San Giusto, from her town, from the town of the shovel. And I also discovered the brand. ALDO Pasta is called. Understood?
ALDO PASTA. In our times it didn't exist, otherwise nothing but Ascoli olive oil and I was asking!
But now – mind you – I'm making up for lost time – she too said that I look good. Not only that: I have also suggested it to the proper authorities. He wanted to try it and already at the second forkful she swore: ALDO's Pasta will be on all tables... in Paradise."
“Come, master, let's go, let's be quick, today we'll have lunch together. Where is that place?”

di Adolfo Leoni

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