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An Oscar Pasta – L'Espresso

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Aldo is not the name of a pasta maker, as one might believe, but an acronym consisting of the first syllables of the surnames of Mario ALzapiedi and Luigi DOnnari.
The creators of the famous Monte San Giusto egg pasta, which in just a few years has conquered the hearts of many gastronomes and chefs. Among these Heston Blumenthal, apparently impressed by the characteristics of body and extreme lightness at the same time of this extraordinary pasta. A different mix of semolina is used for each pasta shape, the dough is carefully mixed and the dough is worked to leave the dough soft. The sheet is then cut and left to dry hanging on slats in the frames, to allow for slow and natural drying at low temperatures. Special products have gradually been added to the tagliatelle, filini and chitarrine, such as Farrine, with spelled flour, tagliatelle with truffles and Saracene, with buckwheat flour (
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