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Aldo is the union of the first syllable of the surnames of Maria and Luigi, wife and husband. They have built their corner of paradise by learning, keeping them as they are, the secrets of grandmother Teresa hidden in the skilful art of dough. Two thousand and one years after the year 0, a new beginning: we look at the present and savor the future.

Two ingredients: semolina and eggs. One goal: to bring the happiness of a plate of pasta to the tables of homes.

What we work for is simple. To bring back to people the taste of a product from other times, simple but precisely for this reason with a genuine flavour, which represents the opportunity to take a moment for yourself and your family.

“Eating is a necessity.
Smart eating is an art”

Aldo's Team

A mad search for perfection in our products also drives us to fundamental values ​​such as Tradition, Land and Family, considering them our business card in the world.


In the Marche region, a region considered among the greatest hidden gems in Italy, in a small town located between the Adriatic Sea and the Sibillini Mountains Park, there is a building. The house and laboratory where La Pasta di Aldo is produced.

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