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The fettuccina del Monte – Terre Del Vino is just right

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Rigorous selection of the raw material, production systems that go beyond those of artisanal pasta makers and a guarantee of the uniqueness of the product are the essential secrets of the artisanal pasta makers of Monte San Giusto, a medieval village of six thousand souls rich in historical artifacts, in the province of Macerata, close to the Sibillini Mountains Park.

Monte San Giusto pasta is a real jewel to keep in the pantry of every self-respecting gourmet.

"For the choice of ingredients and processing, we have not followed the classic criteria of artisanal pasta factories but, through careful research, we have rediscovered and rationalized the traditional methods used to prepare homemade pasta", says Maria Alzapiedi, of the company "La Pasta di Aldo".

For each pasta shape, a different mix of semolina is used, the dough is mixed entirely by hand, the dough is worked in order to leave the dough soft and cut with a specially patented cutter; then it is hung on particular slats in the frames placed in the dryer, which is also rigorously artisanal, to allow slow and natural personalized drying at low temperatures; a ritual, rather than a manufacturing process, which allows a maximum daily production of 40 kilograms.

The artisanal pasta of Monte San Giusto has a bright yellow color with a very porous sheet with evidence of the arch on which it was hung.
It cooks in four minutes and when you put it in the pan it doesn't go to pulp.
When tasted it feels rough and absorbs and holds the sauce like few other pastas. It is very digestible.

The most typical formats are Chitarrine, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Farrine (same format as tagliatelle but with spelled semolina), Saracene (same format as tagliatelle but with buckwheat flour), but they are also other formats that will soon be placed on the market.

"In twenty-five years of professional life, I have discovered a truly extraordinary pasta, with an absolutely unmistakable taste and quality", is the comment of Maria Rina, "multi-decorated" patron of the "Il Ghiottone" restaurant in Policastro Bussentino (SA).
The finished product is presented in very elegant 250 g packs, handmade and covered in straw paper.
The price is within everyone's reach, considering the high yield, the very high quality and the absolute "untraceability" of a similar product.
Bon appetit!

Mushroom and truffle cream farrine

Ingredients for people 4
250 g of Farrine,
150 g of fresh champignons,
1 clove of garlic, 40 g of extra virgin olive oil,
20 d of Parmesan, 20 slices of white truffle
Salt to taste

Preparation: in a pan with the oil, brown the whole garlic clove which we will then remove, then add the previously cleaned, washed and blended champignons pulp, adjusting the salt, keep on high heat for about two minutes, then add the flours ( without draining much) cooked al dente in plenty of salted water, we will quickly sauté them by sprinkling with grated Parmesan and serve immediately at the table by cutting the truffle in front of our guest.

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