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From Montecosaro to Monte San Giusto-Papillon

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If you say taste, you say sixteen – An itinerary in sixteen stages

Leaving the town for the inland hills, you make a short detour to Montecosaro to visit the beautiful abbey of Santa Maria a Pié di Chienti, dating back to 1125, with particular mullioned and single lancet windows closed by alabaster slabs which diffuse a soft light inside which becomes pinkish at sunset. Here the recommended stop is for Angela's preserves (piazzale Stazione, 9 – phone 0733865978) to bring home the flavors of the Marche countryside, with its aubergines in oil, spelled soups and many sauces. Here you can eat at the Due Cigni restaurant (loc. Scalo – via Santissima Anunziata, 19 – tel. 0733865182) with a cuisine that oscillates between the classics such as “princisgras” and elaborate combinations including mazzolina in ciauscolo and rosemary sauce and breed with millet, spinach and cardamom. From Montecosaro follow the road of the hills up to Monte San Giusto, settlement of Roman origin, which preserves splendid Renaissance testimonies such as the Palazzo Bonafede, currently the town hall, while in the Church of Santa Maria Della Pietà (in Telusiano), of the century. XIV, restored by Bishop Bonafede in the XVI century, the altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto "The Crucifixion" is conserved. In Monte San Giusto there is also the headquarters of one of the historic artisans of Golosario, one of the best pasta makers in Italy, namely Luigi Donnari de Aldo's Pasta (via Castelletta, 41 – tel. 0733837120). Don't miss the pappardelle, tagliatelle, filini and egg tagliatelle.


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