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Here the tradition lives – Travels and Flavors – Marche

By March 22 2023May 24th, 2023No Comments

The expansion of cereal cultivation in the Marches has given impetus to the tradition of pasta, both egg pasta, prepared at home by peasant families, and durum wheat semolina, which the master pasta makers of the Marches manufactured with particular skill. The custom has now been taken up by many small companies which, albeit with the help of modern machinery, continue to use top quality products and follow the traditional manufacturing techniques, bronze drawing, very slow drying, renunciation of pasteurization in favor of freshness and artisan quality. The long shapes of egg pasta are particularly tasty, obtained from thin sheets of flour and eggs (up to ten for each kilo, a double quantity compared to other processes), without adding water. Fettuccine, tagliatelle and capellini have a delicate but elastic consistency, capable of absorbing considerable quantities of sauce; they are cooked for a few minutes, drained and seasoned twice, first in the pot with the more liquid sauce and then on the plates, with the thicker one.

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