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Maria and Luigi

Aldo does not exist at the registry office. It is the union of the first syllable of the surnames of Maria and Luigi, wife and husband. They built their own little piece of heaven by learning, and keeping, the secrets of Grandma Teresa hidden in the skillful art of the dough. Two thousand and one years after the year 0, a new beginning: you look at the present and you savor the future.

Two ingredients: semolina and eggs. One goal: to bring the happiness of a plate of pasta to the tables of the homes.

Maria and Luigi live in the Marche, the Italian region where Italy is perfectly enclosed and where the culinary tradition is handed down from generation to generation. But times change, habits change too and the need to have certainties is expressed in small things.
Maria and Luigi love family and know that love must be served at table. And love emerges from the little things. From a plate of pasta, for example.


The house of Maria and Luigi is in the same courtyard of their laboratory of happiness. In the City of Smiles, Monte San Giusto, a small Marche village of charm and beauty. From some bronze coins found in the countryside, you can trace Monte San Giusto back to Roman times. A pearl that proudly emerges between the Adriatic Sea and Chienti river valley, at a height of 236 m above sea level, in the province of Macerata. A place rich in history, curiosity and know-how. In the world, Monte San Giusto is synonymous with craftsmanship thanks to the renowned shoe-making masters. The historic center, where there are Gates and small alleys (gabbe, ed), contains majestic buildings and elegant views, such as the Fortress Palace and the famous square that in the ‘500 was built by the illustrious fellow citizen Niccolò Bonafede, who was bishop and commander. To attract the attention of those who love art, there is also Lorenzo Lotto’s masterpiece “The Crucifixion”; the Altarpiece is located in the church of Santa Maria della Pietà in Telusiano.