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Pasta according to the Gospel of … Aldo – Wine and food

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Pasta can be produced in many ways: out of love, hobby, necessity and tradition. Work should not be forgotten, but for someone it can become a religion. This is the case of Luigi Donnari and Maria Alzapiedi of Monte San Giusto (MC), a village in the province of the Marches located between the sea and the mountains. The little-known center houses the effort and passion of Aldo, producer of one of Italy's symbolic products: pasta.
Around Aldo everything speaks of pasta. He tells his story as a kid, when he loved watching his grandmother roll out the dough with a rolling pin. His eyes have patiently stored the secrets of making pasta. Over time, after trials and tests, Aldo succeeded in pulling the dough and …
to make chitarrine, tagliatelle, filini, maccheroncini and saracene. However, the production did not yet have a soul. Aldo's creed is: pasta cannot be made with just one type of semolina. The product for the dough has become a research that begins with the grain and continues with milling, a process that must be done slowly to prevent the semolina from losing its organoleptic qualities. The choice of durum wheat is essential. The product comes from three different regions Puglia, Campania and Marche. The eggs are fresh and not pasteurized because, as Aldo says, the pasta must crunch. To reach the quantitative level, the craftsman worked hard on himself before venturing into the world of production. The attention to the processing phases is almost obsessive. The hands for preparing the pasta are only those of women. L'Alzapiedi has trained a dozen girls who make pasta according to the Gospel of Aldo. He chose the collaborators directly. “They must have a sacred fire inside – he says – you can't work pasta if you don't feel inside all the passion and care for a product that must be part of you.
The girls try out for a few weeks in the company. In this period I see if they meet my needs and then I hire them". The processing cycle is precise, the hand-rolled dough is cut and the product carefully placed on the cane supports. A patient and skilful work that gives life to the pasta drying process: it is the crucial moment. It is not uncommon for Aldo to discard the pasta because it hasn't dried to the right point. The waste product is reinvested for animal feed, from a breeding of relatives of the craftsman from Monte San Giusto. It is a niche product: 120 kilograms a day with peaks of three quintals during the Christmas period. The judgment on quality is not easy to give. It is more important to taste it, even raw. Aldo's Pasta is a delight even before being cooked.

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