Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Essential packaging that recalls the colors of semolina and eggs. To the touch it reproduces the feeling of porosity and craftsmanship of its content. The box is suitable for reuse and to be re-invented for household activities or hobbies.

Giving space to imagination is a virtue of each pack of La Pasta di Aldo. All the material used is recycled, ecological and solid! The project "La Scatola usami e riusami" ( The box, use me and reuse me) was created for this, to free one’s creativity and create something useful, fun or unusual.

The 250 g boxes of pasta and chicche di minestra can become precious containers for the home, office and garage ... and much more! The package, which contains the packs of pasta that can be purchased in the store, is a box with infinite potential: you can turn it into a theater to share with children, thanks to a special dashboard with images to crop out.

Since La Pasta di Aldo never ceases to amaze, Maria and Luigi involved Lucia Locatelli to bring many, many ideas for "The box, use me and reuse me". Follow her on social media.