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AL+DO Method

Being artisans means studying the Masters, making attempts to reach your own concept of perfection and then testing a method. In the pasta factory of La Pasta di Aldo there is avant-garde, but the processing stages reflect the ways of the authentic housewives of the Marches that, with rhythm and heart, transform the raw materials with precious mastery. The Aldo method is made of attention, details and simplicity.

From the dough to the finished product there are 2 ingredients, 6 stages and a maximum of 48 hours of waiting.

The work tools are made by Maria and Luigi who, taking the measures with sensitivity and common sense, have designed and built machines unique in the world with frames and straws. The pasta, which is strictly long at the beginning, is dried slowly and hung, in the same way as the wheat dries in the fields. The box that preserves and presents the porous and inebriating egg pasta is the synthesis of the Aldo method: minimal, practical to use, designed and made in the pasta factory.

Semolina and eggs

La Pasta di Aldo has artisan manufacture. As tradition dictates, there is no water among the ingredients. The list of ingredients is short and concise: durum wheat semolina and 32% chicken eggs. Only Italian selected raw materials, tested and balanced by Maria and Luigi to obtain tasty and fragrant paste of intense yellow color but at the same time opaque, porous, elastic, firm. The dough is processed with a few steps to ensure the maximum performance of the pasta during cooking. Before using a specific untreated semolina, Luigi studies the wheat by proposing cultivation techniques and land farmers: all this in order to start processing the philosophy of the various lines of La Pasta di Aldo and guarantee the properties of the nutrients. Egg search requires, as a basic principle, certifications for consumer protection.

In the kitchen, being great recipe experts is not necessary: the goodness and the authenticity of a dish by La Pasta di Aldo already emerge with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.