Neno (with Nazarene durum wheat semolina)


Summarizing the peculiarities of Pasta Neno in a few lines without being reductive is a difficult undertaking. Tender and compact body, low glycemic index, local wholemeal semolina, more fiber, delicate and easily digestible gluten, etc. Words are not enough to express all its properties... let yourself be conquered by the scent of Nazareno wheat, "Neno" for connoisseur friends. To be tasted to understand that Aldo's Pasta is Egg Pasta.

Cooking time:  4 / 6 minutes

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Ingredients:  whole wheat semolina germ Lasted, eggs 32%
Form: Long pasta
Sheet thickness: 0.9 ÷ 1,3 mm
Width: 4 mm
Appearance: yellow-brown colour, rough and porous sheet.
Smell: Proper and characteristic of egg pasta

Useful Info

Product Lifetime: 18 months from the production date
For proper storage: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, away from heat and light sources.
Allergens: Gluten, Eggs

May contain soy and mustard

Average nutritional values ​​(per 100g)

KCAL: 324
KJ: 1370
Fat: 4,9 g of which saturated 1,1 g
Carbohydrates: 56,8 g of which sugars 0,9 g
Protein: 13,8 g
Sale: 0,2 g

Cooking methods

Bring plenty of water to the boil (it is recommended to use 2 liters for every 100 g of pasta), and add salt. Immerse the pasta in the water without turning it for the first minute of cooking: this preserves its length. Cook over high heat for the indicated minutes and drain. Season to taste or stir in the pan to absorb the sauce

Italian quality

Produced and packaged in Italy.
Country of cultivation of wheat: Italy.
Country of milling: Italy