Tagliatelle with white meat ragout and truffle

250 g Noodles “Aldo's Pasta”

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For 4 people


  • 70 g EVO oil
  • 70 g shallots
  • 50 g brunoise carrots
  • 50 g brunoise celeriac or green celery
  • 10 g garlic
  • 200 g light veal pulp, all cut with a knife
  • 200 g pork fillet pulp
  • 200 g rabbit or chicken pulp
  • 1 bouquet garnì (laurel, rosemary, sage and savory)
  •  to taste white wine
  • 1000 g clear bottom
  • 100 g brown stock

To cream

  • 30 g butter
  • 30 g parmesan
  • 30 g black truffle
  • 10 g EVO oil
  • chive






15 Minutes


4 Guests


Ripen the shallot in extra virgin olive oil and cut it into brunoise with the garlic and a little chopped lard, the carrots and celery cut into brunoise. Add the white meat cut into small cubes rigorously with a knife. Season with salt and pepper from the mill and after browning, sprinkle with dry white wine. Add the bouquet garni and the white background. Cook for about 50 minutes on low heat. When cooked, add the brown stock. Cook the tagliatelle in plenty of salted water for 5 minutes and cook them again in the white meat ragout with the addition of butter and Parmesan. If necessary, add a little cooking water mixed with clear stock. Perfume with thinly sliced ​​chives.

Serve the tagliatelle on individual plates, decorate with a nice grated truffle. Stain with EVO oil.

Chef Giorgio Nardelli

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