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La fresh pasta it is one of our culinary traditions: right from the origins of our peasant memory, it was prepared at home with fresh eggs and freshly ground flour, up to the present day when on Sundays, our grandmothers woke up together in the sun to knead dough and give us aromas and colors that taste like family.
The tradition was then handed down to us, who still have the memory of those flavors in our hearts, but which is often set aside to fulfill the daily grind of life.
How to rediscover those ancient flavors of freshly harvested wheat and the warmth of the sun?
There is only to be tasted, to understand that Aldo's Pasta is Egg Pasta.

Chiara by name, by color.. like an egg

Besides the commitment to continue offering our customers excellent products, now exported all over the world, we have never stopped looking to the future. This continuous experimentation with new flavors and techniques, alongside the desire to bring our product to new lovers of good food, has given rise to new 100% organic lines. Respecting the planet and its inhabitants, but without ever compromising on quality.

Organic Pasta

A treasure of unique flavours, discover our boxes

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