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Wholemeal Pasta

The Wholemeal line is made with spelled, buckwheat and ancient Nazareno durum wheat, “Neno”. Farrine and farrini are 68% spelled and 32% eggs. A concentrate of fibers and proteins with the unmistakable taste of the oldest cereal cultivated by man. The tagliatelle with buckwheat are unmistakable to the eye, with dark traces of the flour that blend with the white of the semolina. Choosing Neno pasta means choosing an ancient grinding with natural stone, dry and at low rotation speed to preserve the wheat germ. Pasta rich in fiber with proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, easily digestible gluten.

  • Farrine (with spelt flour)

    7,30  - 78,84 
  • Saracene (with buckwheat)

    6,80  - 73,44