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Marche pasta with an ancient flavor – Il Messaggero

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LIKE tiny glittering quartzite crystals or like very fine and golden desert sand, the selected semolina that makes up a work of art of absolute excellence slip through your fingers, silky and fleeting: ALDO pasta; acronym that originates from the surnames of the spouses Maria Alzapiedi and Luigi Donnari. At the foot of the village of Monte San Giusto, on the rural bottom of an ancient olive grove on Via Castelletta, today stands an artisan pasta factory where authentic tradition honors the predecessors of a past epic. Humble, respectful and special people, who knew the dialect of every sheaf well and who fought wars for freedom and above all for wheat.
If then with soft wheat, with silver as they said and with the precious eggs reserved for festivities, the vergara delighted the whole family; today Maria and Luigi compose delicious symphonies with durum wheat, considered gold for its nutritional properties. A singular aptitude, exaggerated research, infinite patience and profound respect for ethical principles characterize the young master pasta makers. The morality to create a quality product handed down from the ancestors, the absolute competence and imagination are assisted by the sensorial perception of fine kneaders. Quality, origin and milling of the grains, different alchemies for each cut of pasta, the difficult art of drying and the responsibility of the workforce express the priceless heritage of the refined manufacturing. Maria and Luigi know well how much study, how much energy and how much talent they need to coin a beautiful, good, fleshy and porous pasta where each step can irreparably ruin the other. Aldo's Pasta is a luxury pasta that, while suggesting the sauce, never sags on the refined dishes of the acclaimed chef Blumenthal in the restaurant with the palm of best in the world, and it doesn't even overcook in the pots of unaware consumers. Tagliatelle, pappardelle, chitarrine or maccheroncini, but also the curious filini, farrine or saracene, humbly packaged so as not to offend the product, tell the pure soul of the high gastronomy of the Marches.

July 2011 – by Eva Kottrova

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