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Pasta with a soft heart – Gusto

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Monte San Giusto, a small town between the sea and the mountains in the Macerata hills. It is precisely here that an artisanal egg pasta was born, considered among the best in Italy. This is Aldo's Pasta. The secret? It's all in the workmanship. “My greatest fortune – says Luigi Donnari – was that I didn't know how to make pasta, except as my grandmother had taught me”. The first step? Semolina and eggs are mixed. “In this way the paste inside remains soft, porous, spongy. It is not pressed but grainy. Then a block of dough is made and sliced. At this point, a machine with three rollers takes over, which performs the same function as a rolling pin, but in a better way”.
The dough is shaped, created, and in this way it remains soft.
“Once an English cook told me that he had seen my dough under a microscope. Well, unlike all the other puffs, he said he almost saw craters under a microscope. It is the fulcrum of the pasta, its porosity.
A secret that also includes the raw materials, all highly selected”.
For the selection an important role is still owed to the grandmother
“She mixed the semolina with the flour. I inherited I inherited this trick using durum wheat semolina”. However, tradition is mixed with novelties. “Now, for example, spelled or buckwheat flour is used a lot”. Aldo's egg pasta does not require elaborate sauces.
“These would cover the aromas of artisan pasta. An excellent combination is a simple fish sauce. The lemon chitarrine are also outstanding. But my favorite combination is with oil and parmesan. That's how you pamper yourself."

di Eugenia Campo di Costa

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