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The Italian taste of Aldo's Pasta – Italy at

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Pasta is the favorite food of Italians, our flag in the world. Yet not all pasta on the market in Italy is of the same quality. From a small town on the hills of the Marche region, in the province of Macerata, "La Pasta di Aldo" reveals the secrets of craftsmanship
It is the favorite food of the Italians, our flag in the world. Yet not all pasta on the market in Italy is of the same quality. From a small village in the hills of the Marche region. Aldo's Pasta reveals the secrets of craftsmanship.

If to taste the pasta it is necessary to drown it in seasonings, some suspicions should arise about its quality.
In fact, a large pasta can be recognized naked, without seasoning, at most with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. The wheat taste must be persistent and prolonged, the texture crunchy and al dente, the aroma warm and pleasant, the color intense straw yellow. The pasta must keep cooking well even after seasoning: if it is white and sticky it means that the quality of the semolina is poor.

Aldo's Pasta is produced in Monte San Giusto, a town in the Marche hills in the province of Macerata and not only sold throughout Italy, also thanks to the excellent website, and exported to various foreign countries.

The secret is the craftsmanship, kneaded with only eggs, mixtures of different semolina, only durum wheat and all national in every format, slow drying, with all the necessary time. Easy to digest, very porous in order to absorb and retain the sauce well, it offers good cooking results. The retail packages are 250 grams, while the catering packages are 1000 grams in portions. It is kept in a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat and light, for one year from the date of production.

With Aldo's Pasta you can make different recipes with the certainty of a firm but porous sheet, capable of absorbing and holding the sauce. Compactness and resistance in cooking arise from low temperature drying, which is almost a ritual. Maccheroncini, tagliatelle, pappardelle, freshly cut, are hung by expert hands on special sticks, which are in turn inserted into a frame and placed in the dryer where everything happens slowly and gradually, almost naturally, thus ensuring the pasta retains its aroma of the ingredients. Once ready, the pasta is canned in a package with its own brand: an egg surmounted by a turgid plug of wheat.
by Leonardo Felician – 21/03/2011

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