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The pasta factory famous for its acronym and goodness – Gambero Rosso Albo D'Oro

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THERE IS THE PASTA with egg, exceptional and highly appreciated, but ALDO is not there. Or rather, it never was: the name of the famous Monte San Giusto pasta factory is an acronym that includes the first syllables of the surnames of Maria Alzapiedi and her husband, and owner of the company, Luigi Donnari. One day the two decide to put their experience to good use and in a short time their pasta is on the shelves of the best delicatessens. To the traditional formats, tagliatelle, filini, chitarrine, special products have gradually been added such as Farrine, with spelled flour, tagliatelle with truffles and Saracene, with buckwheat flour.
For each format, different and rigorously selected semolinas are used to obtain a porous and consistent sheet, capable of keeping cooking and absorbing every seasoning in the best possible way.

1986 – 2011
His Excellency Italy

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